Erected in the heart of Shropshire stands a monument to British industry – The world’s first iron bridge. Built across the River Severn at Coalbrookdale in 1779, this world-famous site originated during a time of colossal change in Britain and became open to traffic in 1801.

Described as the ‘birthplace of the Industrial revolution’, Ironbridge became a *UNESCO Word Heritage site in 1986– sitting alongside other famous sites such as The Pyramids, The Grand Canyon and The Taj Mahal. It was at Ironbridge that the first large scale manufacture of cast iron was developed using a process colonised by Abraham Darby III, a Quaker pot founder. He became the first person to smelt iron using coke as his fuel instead of customary charcoal.

Visit the ten award-winning Ironbridge Gorge Museums that tell the momentous story of how Ironbridge all began. Each museum sends you back in time to when Ironbridge was nothing more than the sound of hammers and horse shoes and clouds of steam filling the sky.

Walk in the footsteps of the Victorians, taking you on a journey through the history of Ironbridge and the lifestyle of Coalbrookdale. There are multiple museums to visit including; The Tollhouse and Ironbridge, The museum of the Gorge, Museum of Iron, Blists Hill, Coalport China Museum, Darby Houses, Jackfield Tile Museum, Broseley Pipeworks, Enginuity, and the Tar Tunnel. Each museum holds an individual story to how Coalbrookdale became the town it is today.

Not only is Ironbridge a pivotal location in the world’s history, it homes a variety of amenities for people of all ages. From historical sites and scenic walks to raft tours and parks, Ironbridge is a town bursting with life. If you fancy a trip to Ironbridge, why not stay in one of our Shropshire County Hotels or Inns, each one only a short distance away from the famous town.

Ironbridge is accessible via car, train, cycle, and bus. Stay at one of Shropshire County Hotels or Inns for the easiest transport routes to Ironbridge.

Telford Central Railway resides 6 miles north of the Ironbridge Gorge with convenient local bus and taxi services. There are bus services running from Bridgnorth, Telford and Shrewsbury to Ironbridge, visit either  or for more information. The Ironbridge Gorge is also cycle friendly with connections to the National Cycle Network Route 45 & 55.

*United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation

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